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Gleason Wins RAM Open Series for a strong start to 2016.

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Darold Gleason of Leesville, LA won the Texas Southeast Division Ram Truck Open Series event at Toledo Bend on March 26, 2016. Gleason weighed in a 24.37 pound limit of Toledo bend bass to win $6300. “I actually started really close. I caught my big one, an 8.11, real early in the morning in about 10 feet of water. We ended up going out to a deep spot. I’ve been on the water a good bit and the shallow bite is just not great. I did most of my damage out deep with a Carolina rig and a crankbait. I was lucky that I got two really big bites. It was one of those days where everything just came together. Right now, this is the number one lake in the country and I was just scared to death that someone was going to come in with 31 pounds and knock me out of the lead,” said Gleason.

Gleason & Gleason Take first at Fisher's of Men - 3/12/16

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It was a dream day for Gleason. His best tournament weight, his first 10lb kicker in a tournament and his bride by his side to enjoy the ride. "It's really hard to describe how blessed I was yesterday in the Fishers of Men Tournament. We had the winning stringer with 34.8 pounds with a 10 pound kicker. The absolute best part was my partner for the day was my beautiful wife. It was a day that we will always cherish." Gleason caught most of their fish on the V&M Lizzie and our big fish was caught on the V&M Wild Thang Craw. Gleason also commended the Fishers of Men trail, "Any of you guys looking for a great trail to fish I highly suggest giving FOM a shot, hard to meet any better folks and very well run tournaments with a National Championship."  As for his wife, Randi she said it was an incredible sight to be able to witness first hand. Her primary job was snacking on sandwiches and netting fish but she did admit to catching a few.  

Blessings of the Bend

Posted by darold on April 1, 2016


Toledo Bend affords many thrills but nothing quite compares to a great kidding reeling em in. It's so great to see dads passing on the love of fishing. 

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Not just 1, but 3 lunkers over 10 lbs caught by Gleason in 2014 Season

It was a record-breaking year for Darold and Toledo Bend with the most lunkers caught in one year since the inception of the program. Click the photo to read the Toledo Bend 5,4,3,2,1 article on


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